Gasonix 20W-50 is a lubricant for gasoline engines blended from high quality base oils formulated with additives such as detergent, dispersant, and anti-oxidant that help to protect pistons, prevent dirt buildup, and ensure low wear rates in moving engine parts, especially valves.

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Gasonix Super 20W-50 is an automotive engine lubricant produced from high quality raw material and that has multigrade viscosity facilitating lubricant circulation and providing optimum protection against component wear at high and low temperatures.

The reliability of Gasonix Super 20W-50 lays in its extremely stable high and low temperature viscosity. This provides effective protective for pistons against build up of deposits, protecting the engines from wear. It also contains anti-oxidants to ensure stable oxidation.

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Gasonix Super Plus 10W-40 is a synthetic technology gasoline engine oil designed to lubricate cards of the latest model even when they are operating under the severest conditions. It is formulated from oil with detergent-dispersant, anti-rust, oxidation inhibitors, high viscosity index, and low foaming tendency.

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Gasonix Super Plus 15W-40 is a lubricating oil for gasoline engines. Formulated with selected high quality HVI virgin oils blended with a balance of high tech additives including detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidant, anti wear and VII (Viscosity Index Improver) agents, which all work together to provide maximum protection for the lubricated engine parts, prolonging vehicle life.

Gasonix Super Plus 15W-40 has the advantage of being in dual viscosity state (multigrade) providing reliability at both high and low temperatures. The lubricant ensures easy starts in low temperature conditions while retaining adequate viscosity needed for lubrication at high temperatures and speeds.

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