Cruiser is high performance lubricant designed to stay ahead of the latest developments in diesel engine technology that require overall protection especially against wear and corrosion, engine cleanliness and reduced fuel consumption with special base neutralizer additives to neutralize the acids that are formed within the engine. Cruiser is a multigrade lubricant providing perfect lubrication for both high and low temperature operation. Cruiser is available in two variants, Cruiser 15W-40 and Cruiser 20W-50.

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Cruiser Advance Plus is a high quality new generation lubricant for diesel engines. It is formulated to meet the demands of the latest development in diesel engine technology. Cruiser Advance Plus is also a multigrade lubricant formulated with VII (Viscosity Index Improver) agents, which makes it extremely stable and gives an excellent viscosity consistency. It provides optimum lubrication at both high and low temperatures.

Cruiser Advance Plus provides effective protection against deposit build up, wear, corrosion, foaming on pistons during high temperature operation. It also possesses excellent oxidation stability and soot control. Cruiser Advance Plus is available in two variants, Cruiser Advance Plus 15W-40 and Cruiser Advance Plus 20W-50.

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Cruiser Advance Max is an ultra high performance diesel engine oil which formulated with special additives to provide outstanding performance for serving modern diesel engine which require superior soot and deposit control, wear protection, and high thermal, and oxidation stability.

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Cruiser HDA is a high quality heavy duty lubricant for use in turbocharged diesel engines. The lubricant is specially formulated for high speed diesel engines commonly used in heavy equipment, transportation fleets and stationery machinery requiring a MIL-L-2104D standard lubricant.

There are three variants for Cruiser HDA, Cruiser HDA 10W, Cruiser HDA 30, and Cruiser HDA 40.

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Fleet XP 40 is a lubricant that specially designed for diesel engines with high round specifications API CF Service and are equipped with detergent-dispersant additives, anti-oxidant, anti-ware, and anti-foam. This lubricant is suitable on diesel truck, bus, micro bus, generator and marine, including the engine equipped with supercharger.

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