To be the most trusted Indonesian lubricants brand with international standard that has an influential contribution in national market.


Sustainably providing high quality products as market demands and technology evolve.

Giving the best solution and service for every customers.

Implementing Good Corporate Governance to achieve common objectives between the company and stakeholders.

Organizing the development and welfare of PanaOIL's human resources for a better Indonesia.


PanaOIL is an industrial and automotive lubricant brand. PanaOIL has more than ninety variants of products that are perfect for many applications. Other than products, PanaOIL also serves a professional technical support services to ensure your engine's lubrications run optimally.


We believe our goals can be reached by doing things efficiently, specifically by providing on target solutions as well as implementing good asset and productivity management.


At PanaOIL, we are all family. We respect and support each other towards our goals because we realize that together, we can do so much.


We aim for your maximum satisfaction. That's why providing you with our high quality value added products and services is a must! No compromise!


We're always passionate to see your smile. Therefore, we always listen, give utmost care and empathy in addressing your needs.


For us, working sincerely with honesty and ethical character is fundamental to ensure all things are well done.